Tuesday, April 16, 2013

on kid television and sci fi

I see much more kid's tv than I ideally would like.  It's changing me.  This morning, I woke up with a Fresh Beat Band song in my head...and as much as I have a crush on Kiki, I don't really want their music to start invading my slumber.

As I've experienced all this kiddie entertainment, I have also started to analyze it in an attempt to understand it.  I can't help it...there are parts of my mind which haven't gotten the "hey, you're not a scholar" message.  And I think that, during today's session, I might've actually had a breakthrough...of a sort.

We were watching an episode of Blues Clues, where a neighbor came over.  She looked around, and said "wow, this place is bigger than it looks on the outside."

Suddenly, enlightenment came.  The people in kid's shows?  They're all time lords!  They gotta be...that would explain how they operate with next to no understanding of adult thought or customs!

Of course, they gotta be the "B" team, because they're generally not all that bright.  They must've been the time lords the daleks looked at and said, "Destroy!  Des....oh, what's the point?"

I never said it was good enlightenment.


Anonymous said...

Daleks would say "exterminate," not "destroy."

themikedubose said...

Yeah, I realized that about an hour after doing the post. I suck.