Tuesday, April 23, 2013

on the state of the teaching thingie vi--Mr. Nice Guy

I have finally gotten some key features of teaching down pat.  When I was a grad student, I tried to be approachable in class and tried to be fun.  However, this got beaten out of me a little when I started adjuncting....I simply didn't have time to think of it. 

Since my family leave, however, I've lightened up my demeanor in class.  I'm more talkative before class starts.  I make more jokes.  I'm more likely to engage them in non-lesson related conversations.  As a result, my students seem to like me more than before...and this makes classes more fun.  Of course, the tattoos and beard might play some role in my new-found popularity.  The lesson?  Being friendly never hurts...and never underestimate the power of cool, I guess.

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