Saturday, April 13, 2013


So I've been away, yes.  Although I haven't blogged very frequently, rest assured I have wanted to write more.  Of course, I also want to take more photos, write more lyrics, and so forth. I could say that time is of the essence. And this does have the advantage of being true;  between my daughter dragging me around the house to play (which, for the record, playing with her is awesome and amazing and something I wouldn't trade for the world) and then trying to fit actually doing my job and trying to do housework in the rare moments where she actually naps, I don't have a lot of leftover time.  How on earth do I have time to write?

I don't, really. But I've determined I really cannot let that stop me.  Why? Several reasons:

First, a good friend is putting me to shame by blogging fairly regularly at The Great Concavity. His output is putting me to shame. I cannot be such a sluggard by comparison.

Second, my daughter is getting increasingly adept at expressing herself. About a week or so ago, I was holding her after she woke up, and she leaned forward, put a hand on my cheek, and kissed my other cheek.  And it's not just her joy which is inspiring. As of late, she's also been pushing us.  One way is by pushing boundaries, and her favorite way to do that du jour is by putting her feet on the table when we eat.  After correcting her four times during Wednesday's lunch, she looked at me, got quite serious, and said "Daddy's mean."  Well, if she can express herself, why can't I?

So, sorry if this ever gets monotonous or depressing or whatever, but I plan to put a lot more time over here.

It's time to bring the gloom!

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