Friday, December 26, 2014

holiday recap

We spent yesterday at my sister's place. Some observations:
  • On the car ride, we discovered my 3.5 year old likes Band of Gypsies. I knew she was cool, but this just rockets her to another level. She was jammin'.
  • A scary sorta in-law did make an appearance...but he was quite fine. The only thing he did that really bugged me was him taking about 23 minutes every time he had to take a turn in euchre. This came close to pushing me into a blind fit of rage.
  • My Michigan nephew was brow-beaten into playing Christmas carols on his tuba. This, while weird enough on its own, was nothing compared to when my 3.5 year old daughter decided to accompany him on piano and vocals. Wondrous and hilarious.
  • I got the coolest of all possible gifts: a quilted Space Invader!This, of course, means that I win case you were wondering.
  • I got to sit next to my Florida dinner became a long attempt to make him laugh/look at me weird. He's really a great guy. I just wish I got to see him more often.
  • When one has been mostly vegetarian since August, prime rib (no matter how tasty) might not be the best option. I've felt sluggish ever since.
  • There was only one offensive part of the whole day: when one of the extended family said that fascism and socialism were both always evil. This didn't offend my morality so much as make my head hurt.
  • When the nephews don't really want their Atari Flashback 5, it's good to be in the right place at the right time.

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