Wednesday, February 11, 2015

change of scenery

Weekly writing time. I have an agenda, even, and the chances of getting two songs are pretty decent. I'm thrilled to be back at it after a week off, particularly when I haven't finished a song since December. So of course I'm throwing everything in to doubt by changing my routine.

Tonight, instead of camping out at my normal Howard's table, I'm at the local coffee shop. Why? A couple of reasons. It's Wednesday instead of Tuesday, and I have no idea who's working bar. This is important, as bartenders unfamiliar with my long, illustrious drinking history might not be completely tolerant of a sober patron who isn't really spending money (and therefore not tipping all that much).  Plus Howard's tends not to turn on their heater, and while it's not all that cold tonight, I'm still shivering at the memory of my last frigid visit.

So instead, I decided to become the stereotypical tortured artist type and do the coffee shop thing. So far, I'm struck by how bright it is, comparatively speaking. Dessert access is nice, but as I want to sleep tonight, I got a decaf...and it is relentlessly mediocre, as its kind usually is.

I'm not sure how this all is going to affect the work, though. I guess there's only one way to find out.

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