Tuesday, February 03, 2015

on not being behind

I'm caught up.
It's a weird feeling. Last semester, I was pretty much constantly behind. Doctor's appointments, emergency room visit, surgeries, pain, recovery. Don't get me wrong; I realize that, on a scale of injuries and illnesses, pseudo-gout and kidney stones are on a relatively not-serious level when compared to some people's situations. Yet it still sucked.

It did take a lot out of me physically and mentally, but in some ways, the worst part was how much it took of my time.

I was constantly behind on my school work. I was teaching five classes (writing classes, which are grading-intensive anyway), and I would go a couple of weeks between being able to grade or even answer messages...and when I did get to my email, it was clear that the students were feeling abandoned. But what could I do?

Right now, I am fully caught up on my grading. I already have a few days of lesson plans ready. Right now, my students are watching a film which I've taught dozens of times, so my attention is free to wander. I can actually plan out my afternoon without having to perform triage on my school work.
It is a weird feeling, but it is one I could get used to...not that I'll probably get a chance. Life has a way of happening.

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