Thursday, April 16, 2015

an update on pain

A while back, I chronicled my increasing incidents of arthritis. This post provoked a bit of reaction, most humorously from my mother, who told me that entering middle age was really entering "a world of pain." Pleasant woman, my mum, particularly when she uses language cribbed from professional wrestlers.

Shortly before writing the post, I started to experience discomfort in my right hip. I thought I'd pulled a muscle or something...but seeing as the pain still hasn't gone away, I guess you can chalk up another body part to the arthritis monster. I've been puzzling for ages as to why all my arthritis seems confined to my right side. This morning, however, there was a bit of soreness in my left thumb. Yay.

Be prepared for an increase in the admittedly sizable volume of moaning! Also, I probably should start buying Aleve by the barrel.

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