Thursday, April 23, 2015

research ideas for sale i

I get a lot of ideas which could easily become focuses of my research. The thing is, I no longer do research, and I have no real intention of doing any for as long as I live. Usually, when I get one of these ideas, I just try to figure some way to beat it out of my head before moving on to more productive lines of inquiry (such as how to perfect my hot chocolate recipe). Now, however, I have another idea: license them out to people who in the academic game yet not completely disillusioned by said game. For a modest fee, this idea can be yours. Here's my first possibility:

For a while, I have been fascinated with fake product reviews on Amazon. I particularly love it when they move into activism (usually aimed at some example of industry malfeasance). The most known of these are the Amazon user reviews for the Bic Cristal 'For Her' pen. Yes, this is a pen specifically marketed towards females. It differs from normal pens by having a daintier barrel and pastel packaging.

This is truly a product which deserves to be mocked, and the customers do so in wonderful ways. One of my favorite parts of this listing is in the user questions. Someone asks if the pen is safe for her husband to use, and the reply is "It is unknown if a male can actually use these with their big strong hands they might just end up snapping the pen which would result in ink spillage and possible ink stains." And if someone is not currently working on an analysis of the gender activism in the contents, I would be mightily surprised.

My idea for sale, though, goes deeper into the phenomenon. The product in question is the AudioQuest K2 Terminated Speaker Cable. Unlike the pens, this originally became the target of snarky reviews because it was listed with a $6800 price tag. The reviews are generally great. What's even better, though, is that one reviewer went further and created a science fiction story review.

Hence, my brilliant idea: literary analysis of sarcastic/activist Amazon reviews!

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