Monday, June 22, 2015

a controversial opinion in the aftermath

In the wake of the South Carolina church shooting, there has been a groundswell movement to remove the Confederate flag from the state Capitol. For the record, I do support this. I don't think that flag should fly anywhere. It's a relic of an ugly, ugly cause.

However, I can't help think the campaign, while well-intentioned, is more a distraction than anything else. The flag is a hateful symbol, yes, but in the end, I'd rather eradicate that for which it stands than the just symbol. Getting rid of the flag is fine, but why not instead fight the ignorance behind it? Maybe battle the ugly institutions behind it (such as the ugly hate groups and fundamentalist organizations)? How about instead battle for better and better funded education? You know, so people might be less stupid? Do this, and people might realize on their own how stupid that flag is.

Or is this too controversial of an opinion?

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