Tuesday, June 30, 2015

airport bars

I used to love airport bars. There was something about hanging out in the middle of the day at a bar with complete strangers, swilling a Bloody Mary (which I only ever drank in airport bars for some unknown reason).

The conversations were better. We were all completely disconnected, away from any home base, in no control over our situation or agenda. Therefore, we could be honest with each other...particularly as we were all a little lubricated and would never see each other again. It was the open honesty of no expectations, and it was beautiful...and I miss it tremendously.

I haven't flew in ages, so airport bars are out...so I have no real place to try to recreate the experience. I don't drink any more. So I have utterly no idea if I would be able to recreate it anyway. Is there even an equivalent? Maybe therapy?

I dunno...maybe I'll ask my therapist.

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