Saturday, June 06, 2015

our morning festival

Tomorrow, me and my band plays The Old West End Festival. We play the Art Fair stage at 11am. I try to give my all at any show, but this one is particularly important for me.

First off, I've been trying hard to break into the Toledo market. I've played a few shows, but they have been, as a rule, last minute and weakly attended. I'm hoping that, as this is a festival, there will be more people at this one. Being the opening act on a Sunday, though, means that a crowd is not a certainty. Last year, she. The Antidepressants 1.0 played a festival in Tiffin in the early Sunday slot, we played to festival volunteers and no one else. Here's hoping we do better would be nice to make some Toledo fans.

The other reason this show is important to me is that it is the next to last show for this incarnation of my band. Come July, my drummer moves away, taking our practice space and the bass equipment with him, and I will be forced to reconstruct the band yet again. So if you want to see TheMikeDuBose and the Antidepressants 3.0, you have either tomorrow or our June 26 Howard's gig, and then that is it. So, seeing as no one I know has yet to see my band, I hope some of y'all can make it.

If you're in the area, you can make an old rocker's day by simply showing up. How can you resist?

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