Thursday, August 13, 2015

musical fates and a riff

Ever since my band broke up (thanks, drummer, who insists on having his own life and moving didn't think of me, did you? DID YOU????), my musical future has been uncertain. I was torn between trying to assemble yet another incarnation of my band or pushing my solo career...and frankly not having much luck at either...that is, until last Wednesday, when I got booked in one fell swoop for solo shows through December. The fates, it would seem, have spoken on the side of solo musicianship.

Of course, the fates have to send me the requisite curve ball. Today, as I was leaving my podiatrist appointment (The summer of wart colony removal is over! The warts have tasted the wrath of medicine and have been vanquished! All hail!), a riff popped into my head. I raced home to record it before other thoughts crowded it out, and by the time I walked into the door, I also had a chorus and bridge. As I blasted out a quick demo, I realized the song (a stomper which crosses The Ramones and surf music) would've been perfect for my old band The Black Swamp Rats. And I am not above adapting it for my band...but I don't have a band right now, do I? And anyway, the musical fates decided I'd be an acoustic act.

Curse you, you musical fates, you and your confounding, contradictory ways.

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