Friday, December 23, 2016

learning is a path

Therapy has definitely helped me to be calmer, to let go of blame, and to generally gain perspective, but I am fully aware that I still have a long way to go. Luckily, though, I have good teachers.

We were supposed to make the trek to the wilds of rural Ohio today for the in-laws holiday gathering, but illness, as it is wont to do, interceded. So we're staying home, but we did already promise my daughter she could open one of her gifts. She  tore open the paper, and inside was the Lego Friends puppy daycare set.

For the record, I was not a fan of the Friends line when it first came out. I didn't understand why girls needed a separate line of toys, and the initial line was overrun with stereotypical girlie stuff. However, they have improved dramatically. I would even say the Elves set is cooler than most anything else Lego produces.

And, as I found out when pressed into building service, they are certainly not lacking in build complexity. Parts of the set were even getting downright persnickety, and I must've been slipping into the traditional DuBose exasperation state over some absent pieces, complete with the obligatory "aargh"s.

That's when my daughter interceded. "Daddy," she said, "it doesn't have to be perfect. I'll be happy if it's just fun."

That girl. I could learn a lot from her...and in fact, I regularly do.

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