Friday, December 23, 2016

masculinity and me

I'm not one for explicit displays of masculinity. Most of the time, this is admittedly because I'm usually less than successful at pulling them off. I got tattoos, yeah, but an owl playing a guitar and a bunch of Lego doesn't exactly make me look like a badass. This is, incidentally, a fairly accurate microcosm of ever attempt to "man up" I've ever made, if I'm to be honest.

I can't usually even cop the super macho attitude either, as I'm too socially maladept to adequately feign the requisite self-assurance. But damnit, I just finished polishing my cowboy boots, and if that doesn't make me feel masculine, then I don't know what will. Time now to shave with a hatchet and then wrassle a grizzly!

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