Saturday, February 29, 2020

faith in humanity

Most of my students, I have found out, are pessimists. They have no hope for the future of humanity. As I have, over the last few years, became a much more optimistic person, this makes me more than a little sad. I wish they'd just have a little more faith.

However, sometimes that faith gets tested.

I was walking to one of my classes the other day, and some complete stranger flagged me down. "Excuse me, sir," he asked. "do you believe in the moon landing?"

This took me by surprise. Out of all the questions I expected, Of course,  I panicked and went into smart ass mood. "Yes, I do...because I've been there," I replied, before getting the hell out of there..

Do I still have my faith in humanity? I dunno. However, I am now wondering if my university needs to rethink its entrance standards.

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