Saturday, June 25, 2022

Happy-Go-Lucky now available! (and a brief talk about economics)

As of June 23, 2022, my new album Happy-Go-Lucky is now available. It is live on Spotify if you're a streamer. Please follow me on Spotify. Doing so helps my algorithm, which means a better chance of playlists and suggestions. The album should also be on all other major streaming services (or coming soon).

If you're into streaming, though, you should know that Spotify pays $0.0038 per play. That means, in order to equal one album sale, you would have to listen to over 2,361 song streams. They're not the worst paying in the business (YouTube pays royalties at a rate of $0.00074 per stream), nor are they the best (Napster (hilariously) pays $0.019 per stream). The bottom line, though, is that while streaming is convenient, the artists are not the ones making the money. 

If you want to support the artists you like, buy music from them at shows. If you can't make a show, there are always other options. You can buy Happy-Go-Lucky from Bandcamp and get a high quality instant download and streaming...and Bandcamp actually respects the artists and gives them the biggest cut. Use Bandcamp whenever possible! If you just have to serve the corporate overlords, Happy-Go-Lucky is also available on Amazon

If you would like a free way to support what I do, please post a review of the album (or of your favorite songs from it) on Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, or wherever. All of these services operate via algorithms, so the more engagement there is, the more chance there is of people being exposed to my music. This would cost you nothing, and I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. 

Musicians generally don't like talking about this kind of stuff, and I'm certainly uncomfortable even thinking this way. But if an album is released and no one hears it, is it art? I know I'm never going to get rich doing this, but breaking even would be nice. More importantly, though, I would love to just have people hear what I do. 

Thanks for all your help.

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